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In 1971 started  an international import/export trading business which is still operating and doing well. Mr. Irshad travels extensively throughout the world on his international business and at the same time doing public speaking and discussions on all types of ethics and international, import, export business.

M. Irshad has detailed and extensive knowledge of how to work with all types of governments. He has written in his community newspaper about important local issues. He has also been active politically with both the Federal and Provincial parties and has met all the local and national leaders. He has strong interpersonal, teamwork, negotiation, problem solving, highly organized and detail engaging oriented skills. Has the ability to work effectively in assessment of complex interests and demands with staff at all levels. Is an excellent communicator placing emphasis on building and establishing rapport with all involved and getting results. He has vast experience of planning, putting together and organizing of introducing new ideas or products to world-wide markets and customers.
He has vast experience of conducting successful overseas business transactions. He is very well organized by doing extensive preparation and homework before presenting the projects to audiences.

Mr. Irshad's full resume may be supplyed upon request.
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