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" The Summer of 2012, I and friend travel to east coast of Canada. We first visited and spend a day in the city of Edmunston, New Brunswick and from there we went through beautiful Cabot Trail, ending up in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was amusing to drive through Cabot Trail mountain which go into the sea. The scenery of mountain and sea was breathtaking. We also went to the old city of Louisbourg, which is now a Museum, showing life of early pioneer and their dealing with our First nation, on their first arrival. We took a Furry from North Sydney to Port aus-Basques, Newfoundland, driving all through this beautiful part of Canada reaching St. John's Newfoundland. It is also beautiful city with good harbor situated on the mountain. I visit many paces in this amazing city as you can see some of these pictures. I found this east coast trip overall very informative and enlightening my knowledge."