Business & Professional Ethics,
B.A. (History),  B.A. Honours (Philosophy)
Certificate in Marketing Management,
Practical & Professional Ethics

I was born in Sialkot City (which was in British India), under British rule and later became a newly independent country of Pakistan. The city of Sialkot was a medium sized industries city and my family was well established in local business. My grandfather and father were very active in national and local politics and were very well known throughout the city. At an early age I was informed and observed that if anyone new came to our city looking for my grandfather or father and didn't have our business or residence addresses all they had to do was mention their names. In any section of Sialkot, the residents and local business owners would provide exact details/instructions to our visitors of our location where they received a warm welcome.

I finished high school and two years of college and then decided to leave Pakistan to further my education and also to work abroad as I wanted to see the world and seek better opportunities in Europe. I left Pakistan and traveled to Iran, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Austria and finally arrived in Munich, West Germany. While in Munich I studied the German language, its customs and people. I also obtained a work permit in order to support myself. After living in Munich for approximately one year I decided to leave West Germany and come to Canada.

I arrived in Canada in the mid sixties. After arriving I went to school to up-grade my basic education and also worked at various jobs in order to pay for educational and living expenses. I subsequently enrolled at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now known as Ryerson University) and graduated in 1971. I got married in Canada and have one exceptional son and a very active sports minded grandson. I am presently living with my wife, in a very modest home in midtown Toronto, Canada. I am very active in local and community affairs and often write newspaper articles to highlight local community concerns. I strongly believe on working with consensus and respect as it benefits all parties.

I also like to keep learning as education is for life. That is why I have always attended university as to seek a higher education. The education we took ten or twenty years ago needs to be upgraded due to we now live in a very fast moving, hi-tec environment which is based on a globalized society.

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